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Scottsdale Sewer Taps 

Sewer Tap Installation in Phoenix 

The sewer tap is the connection point where your property's main sewer line links to the City or Municipal sewer system. When a new home is built or you are switching from an onsite wastewater system to the local sewer system, you will need a sewer tap. At Macho Contracting, we understand the significance of this process, and our team of experienced plumbers is well-equipped to handle residential and commercial sewer taps in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and neighboring communities. We take care of all the necessary steps, including obtaining the required permits and adhering to local regulations. 

If you need a sewer tap, call (602) 975-5507 to learn more about our services. 


Sewer taps serve as vital connections between your main sewer line and the local sewer system, creating a secure seal to prevent wastewater leakage into the ground. It is imperative that this work is completed with precision and accuracy. Whether you're constructing a new home or transitioning from a septic system to municipal sewer service, sewer tap installation is a critical part of the process.

Once properly installed, sewer taps typically do not require regular maintenance. However, like any other component in your plumbing system, they can wear out or malfunction over time. If you encounter issues with your sewer tap, it's essential to address them promptly. In such cases, replacement may be necessary.


Sewer taps are a job that only licensed plumbers can undertake, and at Macho Contracting, we have a team of fully licensed, insured, and experienced plumbers who specialize in sewer taps in Scottsdale. Over the years, we have successfully installed numerous sewer taps for local homes and businesses, earning a reputation for providing top-notch service.

Trust the job to the pros at Macho Contracting for:  

  • Fully licensed and insured plumbers 
  • 20+ years of industry experience  
  • State-of-the-art equipment  
  • Unsurpassed level of service  
  • Free site visits

Rest assured, we take care of every step in the sewer tap process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. From securing all necessary permits to carrying out the installation, conducting mandatory testing, and meticulously backfilling the ground upon completion, you can count on us to handle it all with precision and expertise. 

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Sewer Tap Costs 

The cost of a sewer tap varies and there are several costs that should be considered. Each city has its own set of permitting requirements and fees for connecting to the sewer system. Additionally, the city will conduct inspections to ensure that a licensed plumber has completed the work, and developmental fees may apply based on the property's location.

These costs are in addition to the service provided by a licensed plumber. At Macho Contracting, we can offer guidance on the specific costs and fees associated with sewer taps in Scottsdale and neighboring communities. To provide you with an accurate estimate of installation costs, our plumbers are available for a free site visit. During this visit, we'll discuss your installation needs and assess the scope of work required, ensuring transparency and clarity in the pricing process. With Macho Contracting, you can make informed decisions and have a clear understanding of the costs involved in your sewer tap project.

If you need a sewer tap, call (602) 975-5507 for more information and to arrange service



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