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Scottsdale Cesspools, Drywells & Leachfields 

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Macho Contracting offers professional inspections and comprehensive services for properties with cesspools, drywells, and leachfieds in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and surrounding areas. If you need a cesspool replaced, an inspection, or repair services, we have highly skilled and certified specialists to provide reliable service for your residential or commercial property. Nobody compares to our level of service and expertise. 

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What Is a Cesspool? 

A cesspool is an open-end cylinder hole that is dug several feet into the ground. Although cesspools generally have brick lined walls, we frequently find them unlined. The waste is routed into the cesspool pit and then into the ground with no filtration. While all sewage waste is unpleasant, cesspools are in their own special category. 

Although cesspools were quite common in the past, they have been prohibited since 1976 due to the potential for raw sewage to contaminate soil and ground water. The regulations against the use of cesspools affect new construction and real estate transfers of existing properties. Properties with a cesspool can have a negative impact on the sale of a property until an approved wastewater system is in place. 

What Are Drywells & Leachfields?  

A drywell is a holding well that is intended for stormwater. Cesspools and drywells are not suitable for treating human waste. For wastewater, a seepage pit is designed for filtering effluent. Seepage pits use leaching rock to aggregate the wastewater. The term seepage pit is often used interchangeably with a leachfield, but there is a difference. 

The main difference between a leachfield and a seepage pit is the way they are designed. Seepage pits are vertical and leachfields are horizontal, but they operate in the same basic way. Both have an expected lifespan of about 20 years. We offer inspections for properties with cesspools drywells leachfields in Scottsdale and a full range of septic services to correct any problems or replace the entire system. 

Residential & Commercial Septic Services in Prescott, Arizona

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Schedule an Inspection Today

Inspections may be needed for a number of reasons, such as real estate transfer or because there is a specific concern with the septic system. We offer professional inspections and services for properties with cesspools, drywells, and leachfields. Our inspectors are NAWT certified to ensure that your inspection meets all local codes and regulatory requirements. 

We have qualified professionals for: 

  • Septic inspections 
  • Cesspool evaluations 
  • Leachfield inspections 

When you need an inspection for a property transfer, we will send a certified inspector to provide a free site visit. After the site visit, we can provide you with a price for the inspection that is required. If the inspection reveals a problem with the system that needs to be addressed, we will explain the work that is needed, answer your questions, and provide you with an estimate for the job. 

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