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Septic Design and Permitting

Are you in need of septic design or septic alteration? Macho Contracting designs, permits and installs septic systems in Arizona

In the State of Arizona, onsite wastewater systems, or septic systems, are regulated at the County level. Regulation, oversight, permitting, inspections and adherence to state code for septic systems will be driven by the county your reside in, not the city. Each county may function slightly different but all counties abide by the Arizona Revised Statutes. The ARS is what county officials, inspectors, designers and installers utilize for all phases of septic systems both in utility and design.

Macho Contracting focuses septic design services in two counties, Maricopa & Yavapai. 

Design Process

The first step in designing a septic system is to have a site evaluation performed by a qualified professional. The site evaluation will assess the soil conditions, groundwater depth, and other factors to determine the suitability of the site for a septic system. Some items that the site evaluator and designer will look for are soil test results or percolation, limiting conditions, slope and drainage, landscape and hardscape, building size, and building layout.

Once the site evaluation has been completed, the designer will develop a septic system design that meets the County Environmental requirements. The design will include the size and type of septic tank, the size and layout of the disposal (leach field), mechanics and other components. The septic system design will be submitted to the county for review and approval. When the design has been approved, the septic system can be installed by a licensed contractor. 

Maricopa County

Septic system design in Maricopa County is governed by the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department. Maricopa County has developed a number of resources to help homeowners and businesses design and install septic systems that meet the county's requirements.

Maricopa County Septic Permits

Yavapai County

Much like Maricopa County, septic system design in Yavapai County is governed by the Yavapai County Environmental Services Department. Yavapai has also developed a number of resources to help homeowners and businesses design and install septic systems that meet the county's requirements. 

Yavapai County Septic Permits

Residential & Commercial Septic Services in Prescott, Arizona

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Onsite Wastewater Mapping & Survey

Our Septic System Mapping and Survey Service is designed to ensure compliance with Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) requirements and county regulations. This service extends beyond initial onsite septic certification by providing a comprehensive mapping and survey of the soil treatment area, including the distribution box.

Key features of this service include:

Detailed Mapping: Precisely map the septic system and its components to accurately represent their locations.

Soil Treatment Area Survey: Conduct a thorough survey of the soil treatment area to confirm boundaries and compliance with regulatory standards.

Distribution Box Assessment: Examine and map the distribution box to verify placement and functionality.

Setback Compliance: Ensure the septic system and components meet requirements regarding setbacks from Natural Area Open Space (NAOS) and other county-mandated areas.

Report Preparation: Compile findings, including maps, site photographs, and all relevant documentation.

This service is essential for maintaining compliance and ensuring the proper function of your septic system.

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