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Leak control technology in Scottsdale 

identify leaks before they happen

Locating the source of a leak can be extremely frustrating. Often, our customers tell us they see water but have no idea where it is coming from. Macho Contracting is a local company with more than 20 years of experience providing leak detection in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and surrounding areas. Instead of waiting for a leak to surface, get notified before damage occurs.

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Leak control technology

Leak control technology has come a very long way! It is becoming more widely adopted and even required by many home insurance companies. Fire, carbon and security technology is now a minimum standard for home protection and damage prevention across all types of properties. Do you know what type of damage is the most prevalent? Water damage. Is is by far more. 

“Despite the fact that 91% of homeowners rate themselves as ”vigilant" or “doing an okay job” at the preventative home maintenance, and that close to half (45%) have or know someone who has experienced a water leak in the past two year, only 18% have installed a water leak detection device." - 2017 Chubb Survey

Leak control technology gives homeowners the control over water loss and water damage. You may not be able to catch a plumbing disaster before it happens, but you can certainly catch it as soon as it happens. Protect your homes from water damage and the environment from water loss. 

Smart Leak technology

The average Arizonan uses 146 gallons of water per day. Smart leak technology is a revolutionary way to detect, prevent, and repair leaks in industrial equipment, pipelines, and tanks. Macho Contracting, a leading contracting company that has embraced this technology to provide its customers with cutting-edge solutions for leak control.

Smart leak technology uses sensors and advanced data analytics to detect leaks in real-time, providing immediate alerts to the operator. These sensors can be placed in various locations along pipelines or inside tanks to monitor for any changes in pressure, temperature, or other variables that may indicate a leak. The data from these sensors is then analyzed by advanced algorithms to determine if a leak is present.

One of the most significant benefits of smart leak technology is its ability to detect small leaks that may go unnoticed with traditional methods. This can help prevent costly damage to homes and reduce the risk of environmental contamination.

Another advantage of smart leak technology is its ability to provide detailed insights into the health of the system. By monitoring various variables over time, operators can identify trends and patterns that may indicate potential issues before they become significant problems. This proactive approach can help prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the overall performance of the system.

Smart leak technology is a game-changer for leak control. Macho Contracting has embraced this technology to provide its customers with the most advanced solutions for detecting, preventing, and repairing leaks. By leveraging the power of data analytics and advanced algorithms, the company is helping its customers improve the safety, efficiency, and profitability of their homes.

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Smart Leak Technology

We can install any kind of smart leak technology. They are all NOT made the same. Can you use a big box to store water leak technology? Yes, but in this case you will get what you pay for.

We are an installation contractor for FloLogic. If you call us to put in a smart leak technology, this is what you will get. They have the best flow sensing technology out there.

If you are looking for smart leak tech, please contact us at (602) 975-5507 for expert leak detection and repair. 



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